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Filing a bug

If you found a bug in instantbird, please do the following:

  1. Search in our bug database if this is already a known bug.
  2. If you can't find your bug in our database, then file a new bug taking the following advices:

The goal is: get the problem fixed

In order to make a bug report that actually helps to get the bug fixed, please provide any information you have that seems relevant. For example:

  • which version of Instantbird were you using (see "About Instantbird" dialog)
  • on which operating system
  • if it was specific to a certain IM network
  • does it occur when starting Instantbird in safe-mode?
  • what you did when the problem occured:
    • good example: "Instantbird crashed when I tried opening a new conversation to a contact on Yahoo!"
    • (incredibly) bad example: "I was trying to chat with my friend Mary about the problems with her boyfriend"
  • whatever seems to be important to reproduce this bug. It is much easier for us to track down a problem if we can make Instantbird experience the same problem on our own computers.

If the bug you report is a crash, in most case your report will be useless without a stack trace.

While we understand that the bug you encountered is probably very important to you, we can't promise you anything about the time it will need to get the bug fixed or if it will ever get fixed. So stay polite, explain clearly what happened, and don't waste both your and our time in writing how a bug is horrible or needs to get fixed.


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