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Please note that the following information describes what we think we will do. What we will actually do and especially in which order can vary unexpectedly. You are warned!

This document evolves with the project, to reflect current plans. If you want to read about the history of the project, take a look at the initial roadmap or the timeline.



  • 0.1.*: See the initial roadmap or the timeline.
  • 0.2: General improvements. Special focus on extensibility and the conversation window.
  • 0.31.0: Focus on contacts handling and general issues that prevent adoption.
  • 1.0: Simple, usable and extensible user interface.


  • Extensibility
    • localizability
    • libpurple protocol plugin loadable as an extension
    • emoticon/message themes
  • Conversation window
    • Emoticons
    • Message styles
    • Context menu
    • Improved tabs (Probably do something that looks like Firefox 3+'s tabs)
  • Preferences window
  • Better way to set one's status
  • Split usernames for jabber and irc in small understandable parts (nick, server, location)
  • Under the hood
    • Implement nsIClassInfo in purplexpcom classes.
    • All libpurple protocol plugins are XPCOM components


  • Contacts handling.
    • handle contacts (a contact is a regroupment of the various buddies associated to a same physical person)
    • tags system
  • Protocol plugins implementable as JavaScript components
    • Twitter as an example
  • Add a systray icon
  • buddy icons
  • sounds: more preferences


(this section is still a work in progress and can still change significantly)

  • Better conversation handling
  • Better twitter support
  • Bring back the Sametime plugin


(this section contains only very early estimations. Things here can change completely depending on the feedback we will get from the 1.1 release)

  • Better IRC and XMPP, with extensible implementations.


  • Easy migration from other IM clients with an import wizard (from GSoC 2012)
  • Further improvements to IRC to support more features
    • Easier authentication
      • Ident
      • SASL
    • Typing notifications?
  • Support for SIPE
  • Replace libpurple XMPP with JavaScript XMPP
  • Drop PPC support (and remove WINCE code, which is no longer supported)
  • Better tests
  • Better debugging tools (memory reporters, JavaScript profiler)

Later / someday

  • improved logs
    • easy to search
    • (optional) remote storage/synchronization
  • file transfers
  • configurable notifications for contact events
  • Rich text in outgoing messages (send HTML in outgoing messages)
  • video/voice
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